Challenges facing home health care Services.

Home health care is the provision of medical service to a patient at their area of residence. The service emerges in the recent past in some hospitals and gained popularity so faster in many hospitals. Home health care has resulted n more training of the medical practitioners to embrace the new changes in the medical field. The service is offered by several hospitals currently majorly in the developed countries. However, there are some of the challenges facing home health care; that is limit is performance to the maximum.


Limited services provided

Limited number of services can be provided in home based care options such as wound dressing, injection and speech therapy. Most of the laboratory services may be difficult to provide since they involve massive equipment which could be difficult to care from one place to another at a small time interval. Thus, the service provided will be inadequate and unreliable.

High cost of providing the service

Doctors and other medical officers are required to move from one place to another when providing the service. The doctors may spend a lot of money moving from one home to another. The cost might be very high when the households are far much apart. Thus, sustaining home health medical service will be very difficult for the medical practitioners. This as make some of them to decline from offering such services.


Limited skills.

Most health care providers are thought their profession in the hospitals environment and classroom. Most of them expected to work in hospitals in service of the patient. However, when the venue is change, some health care providers may find it difficult and uncomfortable due to limited skills they have.

Few medical equipment.

When providing any medical service, a respite care service provider requests some tools in order to perfect their work such as cloves. Some of the equipment are shared by several patients such as the thermometer. A hospital that has very few medical equipments may have a lot of difficult in providing home health medical service since making their service inadequate.

Large number of patients

There are always large number of people who require medical attention from different back grounds. A medical provider can easily serve so many patients at a given them when they are situated in one place. However, patients receiving home health care may miss some of the services in some busy day when the health care provider fail to attend to them in time.

Poor service delivery.

Traveling into different places is always tiring and cumbersome. When home care providers move from one place to another, they can easily get more tired than working in one places. The exhausted medical provider may provide poor service to their patient due to fatigue resulting into more complication in the health of the patient.