Tesco Mobile Customer Service

Mobile technology has come fully to life a decade or so down the line. You can expect that there will always be changes made to the networks in the attempt to provide the best service to the clients. Inventions are there on daily basis and the systems have to keep on changing. At Tesco mobile, we don’t want to leave anyone behind. The policy is to move forward with technology. Where one of our clients is unable to access our services conveniently, then we help him/her to rejoin the group on the journey to the future. Our customer care support staff are friendly and understanding. They will listen to your questions and provide the most appropriate answers that will leave you convinced and most importantly, have the problem fixed in the short term in case of simple tasks and in a while if there are complexities.

The help center

As it is routine, first things first. At our help center, we have brought together the questions that come to us commonly. Knowing the questions is not beneficial but the answers to the questions are what matters. That’s why every question has been well answered by our experts. In case you have any issues using the Tesco mobile service, I advise that you check our FAQs. The solution you are looking for might be there. If you opt to go for the call option, no one will tell you to go check the FAQs. The answer you want will be provided live.

The call center

It’s the option many opt for since the answers are given directly to the clients. No waiting. You only have to wait for seconds to get redirected to the most appropriate support team according to your kind of questions. Our objective is to help you achieve your objective which is to get the best answer than works to fix your problem. You will always have someone to serve you from 8am to 8pm on normal days. We are also available on holidays where possible.

Live chats

These chats can be via our website or social circle. The chats are live and all you need is to present your question for the support team to answer. On Facebook and twitter, our comments will provide the answers you need.


An email is enough to have your problem presented. Structure your question or idea accordingly to the right topic for the right people to work on it. Processing usually takes 48 hours after which you will get a feedback email.

Stores around Ireland

Our stores are operational and clients seeking to have their problems looked at can visit the stores near their locations at their convenience. You will get in person services.


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